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Hi ^^ I'm Ginja, I'm a Melbourne based illustrator/streamer who love huskies, bubble tea and drawing pretty girls.



Commission Status: Closed

Commission Info

To start a commission request please email the info below to [email protected]
Please read the Terms and Service before starting your commission request.

Email subject:
Commission request for (your name/social media username)

Character: (OC/Fanart)
Type: (Bust/Half body/Full body)
References: (Please provide as much as visual references as you can)
Additional notes: (Any ideas/requests about the poses, expression, design, background elements and canvas size etc.)

Terms of Service

  • By commissioning me, you agree with my Terms of Service.

  • The prices listed are in USD and will be for personal uses only, if you are planning on using the artwork commercially please contact me for more details.

  • Payment will be via Paypal invoice, I will start working on the commission once full payment is processed.

  • No refunds offered unless I cannot finish the commission due to personal reasons, or the commission has not been started.

  • I am allowed to decline any commissions if I believe I cannot deliver it on time/successfully.

  • You will receive a high-resolution png file shared through Google drive, nothing physical will be delivered.

  • Canvas size will depend on your request/pose, and vary between 2000 x 3000px, 350dpi unless discussed otherwise.

  • It may take me up to 1-4 weeks to complete the commission depending on my schedule and the complexity of the commission. Deadline rush or priority commissions will incur an additional cost.

  • I will send a sketch for approval before rendering, you may request changes during the sketch phase. Any major change past this stage will incur additional fees.

  • You can post the commission on social media with credit/link to me.

  • Print for personal use only, reselling the art is prohibited.

  • Strictly no NFT and machine learning/A.I usage

  • I am allowed to post the commission artwork on my social media unless stated in the request.

  • Please note that my style is constantly evolving, so the end product may be slightly different to the references you see.

Things I can drawThings I am less confident inThings I will not draw
FanartAnimals/PetsIntense gore/Mecha
Original characters(Muscular) Male charactersReal people/Realism
Semi human (animal ears etc)Strange anglesFurry/elderly/NSFW


Single character with simple background (decor, gradient, patterns, flowers etc)

Additional charge for:

  • Complex character designs/detailed objects

  • Additional characters (Additional 70%)

  • Larger composition

Bust - $130

Half Body - $250

Full Body - $330